The Teachers

My name is Huw Edwards-Westlake and no, I am not Spanish or Catalan. Originally I am from Stansted in England, this is a small village (with a big airport) to the North East of London. I have also lived in London itself after which I moved to live here in Spain in 1990.

I have been an English teacher ever since I moved to Spain and I have taught both privately, in industry, in private schools and in the public school system. I have been a teacher here in Roquetes for four years now. During that time I have also been a tutor to groups in the third and fourth years and now I am a tutor for a group of Batxillerat, 16-17 year olds. Our school here in Roquetes is relatively new, only ten years old, and we have excellent facilities for using internet and all sorts of IT related things. We have wanted to start a Comenius project ever since I started here and now finally we have been able to. We hope that the project will create a lot of interest among our students and widen their horizons a lot.

Salomé is from Tortosa and studied filologia Anglo-Germanica in the URC in Tarragona. She started working teaching Religió in different centres including in IES Roquetes in the first year the centre was open. After that she started teaching English in various IES and was then in the EOI in Tortosa for two years.

She has travelled quite a lot and also likes the countryside, photography and music. She is a member of the choral group Cor Flumine which sings in many places including the Cantina Cantorum in the Festes de Renaixement, you can hear music from these Festes here.

Guillem is from Gandia in Valencia. He studied in the Conservatory of Valencia, Joaquim Rodrigo. His preferred instrument is the trombone. He has done courses for perfecting his technique with teacher with an international standing. He has played with the Orquestra Ciutat de Granada, Orquestra Sinfonica d'Alacant and the Orquestra Sinfonica de Gijon among others. He began working in teaching in the Institut Els Tarongers in Valencia where he was for six years. In 2005 he had the chance to work in Catalunya and now he is the head of the music department and director of the orchestra STOP of IES Roquetes. This orchestra has been a great success at our school and has its own blog, Orchestra STOP, and also has an interesting blog that is a record of its trip to Menorca at the end of last year.

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